Our Services


Chris Brown Investment Management will develope a customized financial strategy tailored just for you.  Chris Brown will walk you through the step-by-step process that will help you feel confident in your decisions.

Chris will explain every aspect of the investment process in plain, easy-to-understand language.  No question is too simple!  Chris wants you to know and understand your investments and the overall plan.  Risk, no matter how small, is throughly explained. Investment costs and fees are made clear and up-front.

Understanding your investments helps builds investor confidence and satisfaction.  It makes the partnership between you and your advisor, Chris Brown, better for everyone involved.

There is no-cost, whatsoever, for just talking.  Ask any question at all.  Even questions about investments you might have at another firm.  Just call or stop by the office.  Consultation and advice are always free!

We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:

  • Individual stocks 
  • Individual municipal, corporate and government bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Tax management
  • Retirement strategies 
  • Estate planning and conservation
  • Insurance and annuity products
  • Retirement plans for businesses large or small